Huaiyang cuisine, as one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines, has a long history, while Huai'an banquet was known all over the world as early as in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Now, after a long period of time, Huai'an banquet has more to present to the world.

  • Water Transportation Office Feast

    Water Transport Office Feast was formed from feasts held by officers of Water Transportation Office. Since 581, Chuzhou historical district in Huai’an served as an important district of water transportation, also the distribution center of grains at that time. Thus, the Water Transportation Office a Read More

  • Hongze Lake “All Hairy Crab” Feast

    Hairy crabs grow in abundance in Hongze Lake, Huai’an. Enjoying hairy crabs in Mid-Autumn Festival became local tradition in Huai’an. Huai’an people have many different ways to eat hairy crab: to steam, to pickle, wine-soaked, to make noodles, to make porridge, to make rice noodles, to make crab bal Read More

  • Journey to the West Vegan Feast

    According to Annals of Huai’an Prefecture, in Ming Dynasty, there were more than 300 temples in Qingjiangpu historical district. These temples used mushrooms, bean products, and tofu as materials to cook vegan food. In Journey to the West, Wu Chengen described about 30 wild vegetables in Huai’an are Read More

  • Huai’an “All Chicken” Feast

    Chef Mao Yuping and Wu Zhihuai innovated “All Chicken” Feast on the base of Huai’an traditional cuisine “Nine Ways to Eat One Chicken” in 2012. Huai’an is a historical city with rich gastronomy culture. During 1600 BC to 256 BC, people lived in Huai’an area has already started to raise livestock and Read More

  • “All Lamb” Banquet

    “All Lamb Banquet”, a traditional banquet in Huai’an, was originated from Manchu’s recipe. As Lamb lovers, Manchu’s lamb recipes had entered imperial kitchens after Manchu became the rulers of Qing Dynasty. “All Lamb” Banquet was spread from rich people to normal citizens during Qing Dynasty. From 1 Read More

  • “All Eel” Banquet

    “All Eel” Banquet was formed in Huai’an during Qing Dynasty. Xu Ke’s Note on Qing History recorded “from 1862 to 1908, chefs in Huai’an were famous for cooking eels, their cooking skills were better than chefs from Yangzhou. ‘All Eel’ Banquet used eels to cook all the dishes with different tastes”. Read More

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