Actions for Local Residents

We attach great importance to the close connection between food and people's livelihood, initiate the governance model of transparent food security, implement the bright kitchen and catering promotion projects, and carry out the activities of benefiting the people such as people tasting Huaiyang cuisine, food cultural creativity, and strive to bring benefits of the development fruits of Huaiyang cuisine to people.

Returning fishery to lake

With the guidance and help of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the government is responsible for infrastructure construction, including dismantling seines and resettlement houses, land resettlement of 100,000 fishermen who have lived on lakes for generations. Enterprises invest in the construction of food street with fishery cultural characteristics. Fishermen trained in food service industry get local employment. The project not only improves the ecological environment, but also improves people's lives. It has become an excellent case of sustainable development of ecological environment and has been highly recognized by international institutions. 

Implement targeted poverty alleviation

Xuyi used to be an impoverished county. Since Xuyi Crayfish Festival was held, cultivation, promotion, processing and marketing of crayfish were gradually established, crayfish entrepreneurship college has been set up, farmers have been organized to train in crayfish cuisine. At present, one out of seven people in the county is engaged in crayfish industries. Farmers are now on the road of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich. 

Food in the community

Since the first Huaiyang Cuisine Festival was held in 2002,  Family Cooking Competition has been held every year, so that the general public can participate in the food activities and let the food culture enter the community. At the same time, Huai'an Municipal Government and the relevant food enterprises jointly launched the issue of free meal vouchers to the public. Nearly 10,000 low-income people benefit from it every year.

Carry out transparent food safety governance

In order to effectively guarantee food safety that the general public concern about the most, the transformation and upgrading of the small catering business environments have been included in the government's practical projects to benefit the people. The projects of bright kitchen and bright stove and food and beverage upgrading will be implemented to comprehensively improve the overall level of the city's small catering industry.

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