• More Than 30,000 People Ate 40 Tons of Crayfish at the Crayfish Banquet in Xuyi County

    On June 13, the main venue of the crayfish banquet of the 19th China Xuyi International Crayfish Festival opened in the Crayfish Square of Duliang Park, where about 30,000 people shared the crayfish feast. Forty tons of crayfish supplied by 15 local businesses were sold out.

  • Huai'an Ten Bowls of Good Noodles Competition

    Huai'an noodles are well-known throughout the whole country. The toppings of Huai'an noodles are stir fried and then added to noodles for immediate consumption. Toppings are the biggest feature of Huai'an noodles.

  • Selection of Famous Huaiyang Cuisine Restaurants

    In order to inherit and develop Huaiyang cuisine culture, promote the featured, brand and scaled development of catering industry in Huai’an, constantly meet the needs of the general public, strive to cultivate the catering industry into an advantageous industry with local characteristics, and promote the application of City of Gastronomy, the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd China (Huai'an) Iinternational Food Expo has, since early February of Famous Huaiyang Cuisine Restaurants.

  • Banquet Exhibition

    Huaiyang cuisine, one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines, has a long history. Huai'an banquet was known all over the world as early as in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Over these years Huai'an banquet has more to present to the world.

  • Exhibition of Fine Works from Famous Huaiyang Cuisine Restaurants

    Exhibition of Fine works from Famous Huaiyang Cuisine Restaurants

  • The 2nd Huaiyang Cuisine Master Invitational Competition

    On May 8, the 2nd China Huaiyang Cuisine Master Invitational Competition was officially launched in Huai’an City. More than 300 chefs from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Shandong gathered for this event. Over 400 Huaiyang dishes were displayed.

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