“All Eel” Banquet

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-09      Origin:Site

“All Eel” Banquet was formed in Huai’an during Qing Dynasty. Xu Ke’s Note on Qing History recorded “from 1862 to 1908, chefs in Huai’an were famous for cooking eels, their cooking skills were better than chefs from Yangzhou. ‘All Eel’ Banquet used eels to cook all the dishes with different tastes”. Nowadays, Huai’an chefs do not stick to the tradition, they use modern cooking skills creatively adapted the “All Eel” Banquet. They use different materials to design the modern “All Eel” Banquet, which will reach the scientific combination of cooking materials and nutrition, so that this banquet can benefit people’s health, and become an important part of famous banquets in Jiangsu.


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