“All Lamb” Banquet

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-09      Origin:Site

“All Lamb Banquet”, a traditional banquet in Huai’an, was originated from Manchu’s recipe. As Lamb lovers, Manchu’s lamb recipes had entered imperial kitchens after Manchu became the rulers of Qing Dynasty. “All Lamb” Banquet was spread from rich people to normal citizens during Qing Dynasty. From 1862 to 1908, chefs with proverb cooking skills in Qingjiang district of Huai’an used Manchu lamb recipe as the base and adopt different parts of lambs as cooking materials, to cook each dish of “All Lamb” Banquet. At that time, “All Lamb” Banquet has become the famous banquet in the catering market. According to Xu Ke’s Note on Qing History “chefs in Qingjiang district in Huai’an were good at cooking lambs. They would steam, stew, fry, quick-fry, bake, smoke, deep dry, make the soup, make the porridge, make lamb sweat, make lamb spicy, make lamb spice and salty”. Nowadays, Lamb Restaurants in Huai’an Huang county and Matou county are specialized in cooking “All Lamb” Banquets.


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