Introduction to Huai’an, China

Huai'an, a city of a long history and a famous gastronomic tradition, is the hometown of Premier Zhou Enlai. It is geographically, climatically, and culturally located where the north of China meets its south.Huai'an has a population of 5.61 million with an area of 10,000 square kilometers, where water covers 1/4 of the city. In 2020, the GDP reached $64.5 billion. A municipal-county-township administration is adopted as the mode of governance.

1. historical city with profound accumulation and unique charm

Huai’an is the National Famous Historical and Cultural City, as it used to be the headquarters of nationwide canal transportation command, ship manufacturing, tribute grain warehousing, salt distribution, and river treatment in Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368—1840), and one the four metropolises along the Grand Canal together with Hangzhou, Suzhou and Yangzhou. Huai’an is where north and south meet culturally. Featured local cultures include the Grand Canal, Journey to the West, Huaiyang cuisine, and traditional opera. It is the birthplace of great figures such as Han Xin (?—196 BC), the ancient strategist, Wu Cheng’en (1500—1583), author of Journey to the West, and premier Zhou Enlai (1898-1976).

2. Famous cultural city with a long history

Historical figures including Han Xin, a great general, Wu Chengen, a famous writer, Guan Tianpei, a national hero. The famous novel "The Journey to the West" and “The Travels of Lao Ts’an”was written in Huai’an. Huai’an is the birthplace of Huaiyang cuisine, one of the most famous four traditional cuisines in China and the basic cuisine to treat foreign guests.

3. Favorable ecological environment

As a city with distinct four seasons, Huai’an combines climatic features of both north and south, with the average annual temperature between 13.6-14.7℃. Huai’an is known as “a floating city”, with 4 rivers flowing through (the Grand Canal, the ancient Huai River, Yanhe River, and the Li Canal) and 5 lakes embellishing (Hongze Lake, White Horse Lake, Gaoyou Lake, Baoying Lake, and Lixiahe Lake). Wetland resources here rank among the highest, forest coverage is 23.6%, urban green coverage 41%, and average annual good air quality days over 85%, all these make it possible to have a real sense of “taking deep breaths in the daytime and counting stars at night.”

4. Convenient location and transportation

Huai’an has a good transport system including an airport connecting 30 cities, 6 highways, harbor, and 2 high-speed railways.

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