Night of Huaiyang Cuisine in UNESCO

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-03      Origin: Site

On the evening of June 3 local time, 2019,the Night of Huaiyang Cuisine organized by the National Committee of UNESCO of China and Huai’an Municipal People's Government was held at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris, France. Ernest Ottone, assistant director-general of UNESCO for culture, Shenyang, ambassador of Chinese delegation to UNESCO, and Zhang Guoliang, standing deputy mayor of Huai’an municipal committee attended the event. 

Zhang Guoliang introduced Huai'an's long history, culture, excellent ecological environment and the situation of continuing to promote the inheritance and innovation of Huaiyang cuisine to the world. He said that Huai'an, as an important place of origin and inheritance of Huaiyang cuisine, constantly promotes the development of the Huaiyang cuisine culture. He also said Huai’an would like to continue to take food as a bridge to actively participate in UNESCO activities, share experiences in the protection and utilization of traditional cultures, and promote cultural diversity in the world and exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.

The activity included three parts: skill show, food exhibition and food tasting. Eight Huaiyang cuisine master chefs from Huai'an demonstrated their cooking skills. They presented a visual and tongue-tipped feast to more than 300 guests from different countries who participated in the UNESCO-China-Africa World Heritage Capacity Building and Cooperation Forum.


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