• Huaiyang Cuisine Restaurant in Huaiyang Cuisine Culture Museum

    The restaurant belongs to Huaiyang Cuisine Group Co., Ltd. It is an important window to display, publicize and promote Huaiyang cuisine culture. It has won the titles and honors such as Huaiyang Cuisine Cultural Inheritance Foundation, Huaiyang Cuisine Inheritage Center and Famous Chinese Restaurant

  • Huai'an Hotel

    Huai'an Hotel, a four-star tourist hotel in Jiangsu Province, was founded in 1981. Located in the center of the main scenic spots in Huai'an District, it is the most distinctive Garden Hotel in northern Jiangsu Province. The hotel is famous for its Huaiyang dishes.

  • Huai'an Cuihe Jiahua Restaurant

    Huai’an Cui He Jia Hua Restaurant is located in Huai’an district. It strives to create a warm atmosphere in which consumers can feel relieved with delicious food.

  • Huaiyang Cuisine Beijing Flagship Restaurant

    The restaurant is located in the West 3rd Ring Road of Haidian District of Beijing. It is a high-end cultural chain restaurant of Huaiyang Cuisine Group, and targets distinguished guests with high-quality, delicious and healthy Huaiyang dishes and wonderful cultural experience.

  • Huaiyang Cuisine Shanghai Restaurant

    The restaurant is located in the intersection of Tianmu West Road and Hengfeng Road, Shanghai. The restaurant is 1,500 square kilometers and can serve over 300 guests at the same time. The Shanghai restaurant is the flagship venue for the promotion of Huaiyang Cuisine and its culture.

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