The Top Ten Dishes and Snacks of Huaiyang Cuisine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-26      Origin: Site

On September 21, Jiangsu Catering Industry Association held a press conference to issue the top ten dishes and snacks of 13 cities in Jiangsu province, as well as the top ten dishes and snacks of representative enterprises in various cities.

   The Top Ten Dishes of Huai’an

Braised Eel  

Pingqiao Tofu

Braised Cattail  

Qin’gong Meatball

Zhuqiao Soft-Shelled Turtle Soup

Xuyi Crayfish

Jiangba Fish Ball with Sour Soup

Hongze Lake Fish with Pot Sticker

Lianshui Chicken Cake

Matou Mutton

The Top Ten Snacks of Huai’an

Wenlou Dumpling with Soup

Huai’an Dumpling

Huai’an Fried Noodle  

Huai’an Pancake  

Huai’an Spicy Soup  

Noodles Served with Dishes on Top  

Noodles in a Simple Sauce

Huaiyin Fried Pastry


Steamed Dumpling

Pan Fried Bun Stuffed with Beef

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