Huai'an is also one of the developed cities for cooking education in China. There are more than 10 colleges with cooking-related majors, such as Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College, Huaiyang Cuisine Cooking College, Huaiyin Commercial School, Huai’an Technician College. These colleges teach and research on famous dishes and snacks of Huaiyang Cuisine, cooking nutrition, and nutrition for special group of people. Nearly 10,000 students are trained every year. Since the mid-1990s, more than 100,000 high and intermediate chefs have been trained. The trained chefs went abroad to countries and regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Jiangsu Food and Pharmaceutical Science College

Jiangsu Food and Pharmaceutical Science College
With nearly 60 years of education history, the college has more than 11,000 students, 42 high-level talents, such as Chinese Cooking Masters, famous teachers etc.

Huai'an Institute of Technicians

Founded in 1978, it is the earliest vocational school in Jiangsu province to set up culinary major. The institute has educated and trained nearly 10,000 students. Graduates from the institute are all over the country. It is the cradle of Huaiyang famous chefs.

Huaiyin Commercial School of Jiangsu

It is a full-time secondary school, a national key voca-tional school, with 13 mojars including cooking, educa-ting more than 5000 registered students.


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